Greek real estate market

Real Estate services in Thessaloniki?

  • As Baytu Realty we always act as the Buyer’s Agent; liaising with you first to establish your requirements best. We ask you to fill out our questionnaire so we can get a very good understanding of your requirements, regardless of you being an investor or simply planning for your retirement.
  • We source you several property options that meet your criteria and present you all the visuals and facts about them over the internet.
  • We manage all the steps along the process on your behalf (providing you present us a Power of Attorney) and see that all the steps in the purchasing process are completed without much delay; residence permit, tax related issues, any construction permits etc are followed through in cooperation with our professional solicitors.
  • If it is an investment purchase then we will help you with all the renovation and construction work, source you the right contractors and once your project is completed we will also help you renting it out.
  • Providing your property has no legal limitations to do so (ie. local authority objections etc) we can also manage your property as a short let holiday accommodation; thereby giving you the opportunity to make money from your investment, before you settle in Greece for good. This is a great opportunity for those who want to invest in advance for the coming retirement years and benefit from the currently low Real Estate prices in the market.

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