P2P – Increased Rental Yield

P2P – Increased Rental Yield model

The P2P – Increased Rental Yield model gives landlords the option to achieve much higher rental incomes, thus achieving a much shorter ROI duration. It is also a model that gives you the option to use your “investment property” as a home whenever you are in town or have visiting guests.


Invest, Earn Higher Rent, Enjoy…

The London property market is always a good investment option for its high appreciation values. However, rental incomes in London are not in par with the appreciation values of the investment (usually around %4.5 – 5 of the value, per year). This means a 21 – 22 year ROI duration for the average apartment flat investment.

With the P2P – Increased Rental Yield model you are able to increase that to %5.5 – 6 per year; meaning an increase of about %1 – 1.5 rental income that will reduce the ROI to around 16 – 17 years. 

Further benefits of this model is that you can also make use of your investment apartment whenever you are in London (if you are an overseas investor) or have your guests use it (if you are living in London and have regular guests visiting).

P2P – Increased Rental Yield

The P2P industry, which is valued at $15 billion in 2013 is expected to grow to $335 milyarlık by 2025. Airbnb, which is the leading brand of P2P economy in the Accommodation industry since its founding in 2008, has since provided accommodation services to 60 million people. They have around 2 million rental units (of various types) registered on their systems, which is double the amount of that of Starwood-Marriott; the industry leader among hotels in terms of room numbers.

Already have a 2nd home you are renting out?

If you already have a flat that you are renting out or have just bought a flat / house for Buy-2-Let please contact us and we will be happy to introduce our services to you. We can rent out your investment on your behalf whether it is a buy to let investment or maybe a student accommodation for your kid that is studying in London.

Why pay rent for your child studying in London?

With the student houses we manage them throughout the summer when your kid is away, generating some extra income for you. You give us the dates that your kid will be away and we safely store your kid’s private belongings and prepare the place for tourists.

We sell the apartment only between the dates your kid is away and when they return to their flat, they find it in the same setting as they had left it at the beginning of the summer. However, in the process you will have earned even higher than standard rental income for your property and at the end of their education you can opt to sell it for the appreciation value that it has gained over the course of your childs education duration or we can continue to rent it out on the same model throughout the year.

Contact us and we will present you the advantages of renting out your apartment with the P2P model.

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