Professional, bespoke Realty Services

Understanding the buyer’s needs is our top priority. We assess your needs and source the property that is right for you. Be it for investment purposes or to make a home from your purchase, we first analyse your requirements and expectations before anything else.

We are the “Buyer’s Agent”

Both in the UK and in Turkey, chances are that most of the overseas agents will be acting on behalf of “development companies” trying to sell their “latest project”. Whilst there is nothing wrong about this, those agencies are acting as the “Seller’s Agent”, working to drive their sales higher.

At Baytu Realty we act as the “Buyer’s Agent”! We assess your needs correctly from the get-go and organise all our pursuing activities accordingly. That includes the hard negotiation on your behalf, which is where we save you money and time. Our service pays for itself whilst you are saved from the hassle of dealing with a bombardment of information.

Measurable through “Systems & Models”

Keller Williams’s “Systems & Models” dictate that we keep all our activities “Measurable”. This is the way to ensure that we can offer our clients a transparent and well informed journey every step of their buying / selling process.

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