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Expert Realty Services across Turkey

Through our cooperation with Keller Williams, the world renowned Realty Agency and Education Faculty, we have an extensive network across Turkey. We have expert teams in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Kuşadası, Didim, Bodrum, Bursa, Antep, Trabzon and Konya as well as our office in Northern Cyprus.


Our 850+ strong team members are experts not only at a Macro level in their regions but they are also all specialised in a certain district or realty type (flat, house, by the sea, land only etc). Our expert Real Estate consultants strive to provide a fast, reliable and professional service that is also “measurable” thanks to the Keller Williams standards.


Relaxed AML for overseas buyers

Turkey’s relaxed stance on AML regulations makes the Real Estate purchasing process in Turkey a breeze. An overseas buyer investing in Real Estate in Turkey can buy up to 30 hectares in Turkey (with some limitation depending on the location). This provides an excellent investment opportunity. Through our Keller Williams network across Turkey we have access to “not to be missed investment” opportunities; land, commercial buildings, hotels, luxury summer houses etc.


Keller Williams Standards

In line with our vision to deliver an International Service at universal standards we have joined forces with Keller Williams; a company that has been distilling Real Estate industry Know-How since 1983 and has been teaching them under the brand “KW University” globally.


Measurable Services

As Baytu Realty, we commit to a list of tasks for our clients when we take on their job. This is a comprehensive list for our clients explaining what they can expect from our services throughout their purchasing journey. This, not only gives us a guideline for our activities but also, it five an opportunity for our clients to measure our service standards as well, providing a bases for a transparent working relationship.

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